What is BabyRiki?

BabyRiki is an entertaining and educational 5-min animation series for preschoolers. Combining 3D CGI and live video, the series is conceived to develop the foundation of key skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Each episode brimming with infectious wonder, the five young heroes of the series – Krashy, Rosy, Chichi, Wally and Pandy – launch into a new adventure everyday. Introduces an age-appropriate learning concept, illustrated with a song to help young children absorb and process through kinesthetic learning. BabyRiki is visually appealing to young children and their parents.

The series promotes playful, positive and peaceful interactions with others. It offers a safe environment for children to make sense of the world around them by having experiences that allow them to explore, wonder and discover.

Season 1 takes place inside a nursery room which the characters explore.
Season 2 takes the characters outdoor.
Season 3 adds a father narrator figure as well as a few purely musical episodes.


Target Audience: Preschoolers
Genre: Edutainment, Musical

Episode Structure

Every episode consists of two main parts: an entertaining, plot-based storyline, and a lesson that is presented through a song. Storylines are easy to understand as they relate to daily routines and activities of children in this age group. This structure helps keep preschoolers focused and engaged.


BayRiki Episode Breakdown
BayRiki Episode Breakdown
BabyRiki's mission is to support balanced
and comprehensive child development
Krashy holding a paint brush
Chichi holding an apple
Chichi holding an apple

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