BabyRiki Chichi


Chichi is a serious and diligent little boy. He loves order and quiet games. He builds the highest pyramids and always puts his toy cars away in their garage for the night. Chichi is also a little bit shy. He wants to play with his friends but he’s afraid to make the first move, so he ends up on his own until someone invites him to come and join in. Though a little reserved, Chichi is sensible, patient, calm and composed.

Unlike his best friend Krashy, Chichi finds it easy to concentrate on a single task and has the perseverance to see it through to the very end. His good relationships with all the other BabyRiki serve as testament to Chichi’s kind and gentle nature. He avoids conflict, and his gentle nature can be seen in almost everything he does, including bedtime when Chichi is usually first in bed and first to sleep. Together with Chichi, kids learn to be brave and active.

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