Pandy is like a small hurricane tied up with a big bow! Pandy is smart, witty, cheerful — and crafty; always with a cunning plan. Whether it’s playing or getting up to mischief, you can be sure Pandy is at the center of it all. She’s a bit of a sly prankster too, and something always seems to happen when she’s around. The other BabyRiki simply adore her, even though she sometimes gets them into trouble.

Though she is naughty, in reality she is a rather sweet and adventurous little girl. She is never one to have tantrums, and regardless of how sad or frustrated she might feel, Pandy will always keep her cool. She is chatty and outgoing and has great self-confidence. It is her easy-going nature that makes her both a great leader as well as a considerate team player. For us it is no surprise how quickly Pandy falls asleep, when for her each day is full of new adventures and schemes. Together with Pandy, kids learn responsibility, empowerment and how to distinguish harmless tricks from dangerous ones.

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