BabyRiki Rosy


Pink, flamboyant and temperamental, Rosy loves to be in charge, and often seeks attention in whatever way she can. Rosy is a strong female character: vivacious, determined, always moving forward and never giving up. Rosy doesn’t like to be told what to do. Tantrums, and not handling frustration well are a big part of Rosy’s personality – but not the only side. Though Rosy can be a bit of a trouble-maker, no one can doubt her self-confidence or her compassion.

Behind her rather spoilt facade is a kind and gentle girl who displays affection and care more than anybody else in the group. Her warmth and vanity combine to create a wonderfully bright girl who you cannot but love. Together with Rosy, kids learn to behave properly without tantrums, and to be kinder and gentler. Everyone’s happier that way!

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