BabyRiki Wally


We have to be very sensitive when we talk about Wally, as the smallest thing can make him quite upset. He is shy and sensitive. In some ways, he is quite like Chichi, but whilst Chichi tends to hide any major feelings, Wally expresses his emotions openly. Wally is reserved and contemplative, and has to be encouraged to join in. He doesn’t handle change well, and new situations tend to get him a bit rattled and confused.

Though he tires quickly, Wally has the capacity to learn. Despite his rather sad demeanor, Wally is just like every other BabyRiki – kind, warm and empathetic. Wally does have a knack for art though and loves to draw – maybe one day he’ll be an artist! Together with Wally, kids learn to be less sad and to laugh more. Look at what a lovely smile our little Wally has!

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